Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is AccessPatrol?

AccessPatrol is an easy-to-use Device management software that can readily be utilized by non-technical users.

Which operating systems does AccessPatrol support?

AccessPatrol is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Server 2008, 2012 and 2016.

You can use AccessPatrol on 32-bit or 64-bit operating system. AccessPatrol is tested on Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate edition of the Windows Operating system. Home editions are not fully tested.

What are the limitations of the free trial?

The AccessPatrol trial is fully functional for 14 days. You can use it for up to 10 computers.

Can my users see AccessPatrol running on their computers?

No, AccessPatrol runs in stealth mode and is hidden in the services. The users will not notice AccessPatrol running in the background.

Device Blocking

Which devices can be controlled by AccessPatrol?

AccessPatrol can control the following devices:

  • CD/DVD drives
  • Floppy drives
  • USB Storage devices (such as thumb drives, memories cards and USB sticks)
  • Bluetooth adapters
  • WiFi adapter
  • External hard drive
  • FireWire
  • Serial port
  • Parallel port

Which users can AccessPatrol block?

You can block any users on the network, including administrator, power users, guests, and etc.

Will the blocked devices be accessible when the AccessPatrol server is not running?

The AccessPatrol Client retains data on the client side. If the server is unavailable, the permissions will still apply to the client computers.

If you want to turn this feature off, right click on the group > Client Settings. Uncheck the option Apply block settings when the server is unavailable. If this option is unchecked, when the server becomes unavailable, the client computers will not be blocked.

Can I allow my IT staff to use their devices on the computers?

Yes, you can add their devices to the allowed list. Any device on the allowed list will gain exclusive privilege from AccessPatrol. Devices on the allowed list will have full access on any of the user’s computers.

How can I password protect my CurrentWare console?

The CurrentWare Console can be password protected. You will need to create an operator with a password. Go to Tools > Operators.

There are two types of operators: User and Administrator. Users have limited access and you can define the limitations within “Operators permissions”. Administrator has full access to all functionalities.


Does the CurrentWare Server need to be installed on a server?

No, the CurrentWare Server is not restricted to a Server computer.

It can be installed on any other Windows operating systems such as Windows 7/8/10, or server 2003/2008/2012.

How do I install AccessPatrol on a single standalone computer (for home users or remote workers)?

You can install AccessPatrol on a single standalone computer by installing all the components on the single computer – the CurrentWare Server, Console, AccessPatrol Solution and the CurrentWare Client.

Note: During the Client install, please enter LOOPBACK as the Server name when prompted.

I just installed the CurrentWare client on my computers and they are not showing up in the CurrentWare console (client connection issue)

There are a few possible causes that will prevent your CurrentWare client from connecting to the CurrentWare Console.

    1. Your Client is connected to an invalid IP address or Computer name.

During the client installation, you put in the wrong IP address or computer name for of the CurrentWare Server. The client is now connected to an invalid IP address or computer name.

To fix this issue, you have to go to the client workstation and reconfigure the IP address. On the client workstation, go to c:\Windows\System32\wcsystck\ or C:\Windows\SysWOW64\wcsystck\ cwagent.exe > put in the client password (default password is Admin) > click on Server Settings > Make sure the IP address or computer name is correct.

    1. You did not apply your licenses to your new computers.

This only applies to customers that have registered their AccessPatrol licenses. On your CurrentWare Console, go to Help > Registration > click on the Next button > Check the computers you want to apply your licenses to.

(Users evaluating AccessPatrol will not experience this issue)

    1. If you have further issue with client connection, contact our technical support team.

Email: support@currentware.com
Phone: 613-368-4300

How do I deploy the CurrentWare console from a central location?

There are three ways to deploy the CurrentWare Client to your targeted computers – 1) Remote Client Install or 2) deploy by Command Line or 3) deploy by .MSI

    1. Remote Client Install
        AccessPatrol has a built in Remote Installer. To use this feature follow the steps below.

      1. On the menu bar click on Advanced –> Remote Install Client(s).
      2. Enter/Browse the path of the Client msi file on the Server computer.
      3. Enter the Server name/IP address and the Client password. In case the Client password is not mentioned then the password is taken as the default ‘Admin’. Click Next.
      4. Select the PC’s on the network where the Clients are to be installed. Click Next
      5. Enter the Username and Password of an Administrator account of the PC where the Client has to be installed. Click Next.
      6. The Client component will be installed on the selected PC.
    2. Deploy by Command Line

The CurrentWare client file can be deployed through a single command line. You can use switches along with the command line to deploy the CurrentWare client with the configurations of your choice.

    1. Deploy by 3rd Party Software

AccessPatrol is distributed in MSI (Microsoft Installer) format. This facilitates the deployment of AccessPatrol through Microsoft Active Directory, SMS, Altiris and many other Software Deployment Tools that support the MSI Standard.

For detailed instructions, please refer to the AccessPatrol User Guide.

The remote client install failed and returned the error messages access denied or RPC server is unavailable

If you are experiencing issues with the Remote Client Install, please try the following troubleshooting tips:

  1. Turn off Firewall on the client computer is mandatory (under control panel)
  2. Turn off UAC.
  3. Make sure the destination computer is available: Try to ping the targeted computer.
  4. Include the domain name when entering username field (i.e. DomainAdministrator)
  5. Use another administrative account: Try the local computer’s account. Try a different domain account.
  6. Turn off Simple File Sharing on the client computer (under Folder Options)
  7. Try to use the IP address instead of the computer name, or vice versa.


How can I uninstall the CurrentWare (AccessPatrol) client?

From the Console
The AccessPatrol Client can be uninstalled from the AccessPatrol Server by right clicking the Client and selecting Client Service > Uninstall.

How can I uninstall the CurrentWare (AccessPatrol) console?

To uninstall the CurrentWare Console, go to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.

For version 3.X: Uninstall the AccessPatrol Console.

For version 4.X: Uninstall the AccessPatrol Solution and the CurrentWare Server.

How can I uninstall the CurrentWare (AccessPatrol) server?

To uninstall the CurrentWare Server, go to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.

For version 3.X: Uninstall the AccessPatrol Server.

For version 4.X: Uninstall the AccessPatrol Solution and the CurrentWare Server.


Where can I find pricing information on AccessPatrol?

You can find the price list for AccessPatrol from http://www.currentware.com/price

You have to buy an AccessPatrol license on each computer you want to manage.

License is based on each computer with unlimited users on that computer

How can I purchase AccessPatrol?

You may purchase AccessPatrol Online: http://www.currentware.com/price

You may also purchase AccessPatrol by Credit Card, Bank Transfer or Cheque. To purchase, Please contact your local Codework Office

By Email:

By Phone:
Europe (UK): +44-(0)161-474-0444
USA: 613-368-4300
Canada: 613-368-4300
Asia +91-484-2415055
Other countries: 0161-474-0444

By Fax:
Europe (UK): +44-11(0)161-474-0787
USA: 1-866-929-9808
Canada: 6 1-866-929-9808
Asia +91-484-4061003
Other countries: +44-11(0)161-474-0787

How is AccessPatrol delivered after I purchase it?

AccessPatrol is delivered electronically. That means you download the software from our website.

The trial copy of AccessPatrol is fully-functional. The evaluation lasts for 14 days and will stop running if you do not register it with AccessPatrol licenses.

Upon purchasing AccessPatrol, you will be emailed a license key which will allow you to activate the software as a permanent copy.

CD copies are available at $39.99 USD, £15, 20 Euros, $39.99 CAD per copy.

What does 12 months of free maintenance include?

12 months free maintenance entitles you to free upgrades and unlimited telephone and e-mail support.

Do I have to pay for the product every 12 months?

No! Your license key is a permanent key and therefore you only pay a one-time fee.

This includes 12 months of upgrades and support. After 12 months, in order to continue with upgrades and support, you have to purchase an Annual Upgrade and Maintenance Plan (AUP) at a nominal rate.

Upgrading AccessPatrol

Upgrading CurrentWare V4.0.0.X to the latest version

Note: Before you upgrade, please make a back up copy of your CurrentWare Database. The database file is located in C:\Program Files\CurrentWare\cwServer\CWNPFB.CWD

The upgrade from 4.0.0.X to the latest version of 4.X is straightforward.

Upgrading the CurrentWare Console, Server and Solutions
Run the Currentware.exe file to upgrade the CurrentWare Server and Console to the latest version.

Upgrading the CurrentWare Clients
After the server upgrades, the client upgrade can be done automatically by enabling the following option: Install > Client > Remote Install > Upgrade > Automatically upgrade clients.

What is the procedure to upgrade from 3.X to 4.X?

The upgrade path for AccessPatrol v3.X to v4.0 is slightly different due to the redesign of the software.

In order to upgrade, you must uninstall your existing AccessPatrol Server, Console and Clients before you can install version 4.0.

In version 4.0, we have completely redesigned the database in the backend and integrated our solutions into one single console.

Please follow the upgrade steps available on this page: http://www.currentware.com/accesspatrol/upgrade/